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Home automation

Make your home a smarter place:

Operate your building technology comfortably via mobile phone or tablet


Those using a smartphone and tablet to operate their building technology soon notice how indispensable these applications are. As the central control unit Centero Home brings together all the connected drives and devices to form one convenient, flexible system that can be controlled automatically or at the push of a button.

Centero Home unites the functions of sun protection control and a timer switch, triggering commands and pre-defined flows in response to security sensors. When establishing scenes for roller shutters, as well as for heating and lighting systems, the focus is on the lifestyle habits and personal needs of the residents.

The user app Centero Home is available for iOS® and AndroidTM devices

The Centero Home Box serves as the gateway and is connected to your router


  • Simple and intuitive operation of the building services, at the touch of a button or automatically
  • More convenience thanks to clever scenes that link privacy and sun protection with sensors or timers
  • When safety sensors signal, defined processes are triggered to protect your house and inventory
  • Reliable feedback on the status of the devices, at any time and even when on the move
  • CenteroHome app available in 4 languages (DE, EN, FR, IT)

The current compatibility list
can be found here.

With Centero Home you can control:

  • All your visual and sun protection with elero radio drives and receivers
  • Radio-controlled switchable sockets as well as lighting and heating elements with elero radio receivers
  • Motion detectors and smoke alarms, window contacts, radiator thermostats and temperature sensors from Homematic
  • Lighting systems from Philips Hue and Osram Lightify/smart+
  • Amazon Alexa, Netatmo weather station, Doorbird, Sonos about Centero Home Plus

Clever functions with Centero Home

The perfect lighting mood -
with just a tap


Switching luminaires on and off, dimming them and adjusting the colour temperature as required - this makes a decisive contribution to living comfort.

The Philips Hue and Osram Lightify/Smart+ lighting systems are taught-in in just a few simple steps via the Centero Home app... and you control the smart light for your home with a tap.



The roller shutters in the bedroom are opened punctually at 7.30 a.m., the light is switched off. Such processes can be easily stored as tasks. Using the calendar function, they can, for example, be taken over for all working days or excluded for holiday periods.


Display of critical devices


You define critical devices yourself - these are applications you want to be informed about. This is useful for opening detectors and terrace awnings, for example. The start screen shows a warning symbol when a window is open or the awning is extended.

Even more smart home benefits with Centero Home Plus

The In-app-upgrade to the Plus version offers additional functions and applications that make the home even smarter. The In-App purchase can be easily carried out via the menu item "Settings" of the basic version Centero Home. 

Afterwards the comfortable voice control of the taught-in devices is available with the digital assistant Amazon Alexa and controls, for example, lighting or privacy and sun protection by voice command. Music lovers also use WLAN-based sound systems from Sonos. This allows the user to control the sound via an app - room by room or comfortably throughout the house. 
If a Netatmo weather station is integrated into the system, personal weather data can be displayed in the Centero Home Plus. 
A safe feeling is provided by the use of a Doorbird video door station, which can also be connected to Centero Home Plus. This makes it possible to see and talk to visitors before the door is opened. This also helps prevent burglaries.

The advantages of Centero Home Plus at a glance:

  • Voice control of the integrated devices with Amazon Alexa
  • Integration of Netatmo weather stations also in connection with tasks
  • Connecting of Sonos sound systems
  • Visitor management with Doorbird door intercoms

Netatmo weather stations

A Netatmo weather station integrated into the system can display weather data such as temperature, CO² content, humidity, etc. in the Centero Home Plus.

Doorbird door station

With a Doorbird video door intercom system, visitors can be seen before the door is opened. This also helps to prevent burglaries.

Sonos sound systems

With Sonos WLAN-based sound systems, the user simply controls his music via an app - individually room by room or comfortably throughout the house.

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