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Living comfort

Discover tranquillity
with the quiet-as-a-whisper Motion drives

When it comes to the control of Silent Motion you have a choice. The whisper mode or standard operation is activated using a hand-held transmitter or push button. In standard operation the profiles are slowly brought into their final position – this protects the roller shutters and ensures they are opened and closed quietly.

RolMotion M and RolMotion M-868 
whether wired or radio - Quiet. Quieter. Silent Motion.

Increase your home comfort
indoors and outdoors

Automatic privacy and sun protection systems dramatically improve your home comfort. Automated patio awnings are an excellent example: They save you a great deal of effort, provide reliable protection from the sun and in doing so create optimal conditions for outdoor relaxation. However, you can also benefit from automating the blinds inside your home. For example, the slats of your venetian blinds can position themselves precisely according to the incoming light, ensuring the perfect amount of shade and pleasant temperatures.

Sensero-868 AC - Weather sensor with light, twilight and wind function

Your benefits at a glance

Pleasant indoor climate
Automatic privacy and sun protection systems ensure efficient shading and prevent rooms from heating up.

Automatic sun protection
elero sensors automatically position blinds correctly to ensure optimal sun protection and pleasant temperatures – both indoors and outdoors.

Convenient operation
With elero control systems, roller shutters, venetian blinds or patio awnings can be operated easily and conveniently.

Radiant heaters and lighting
When equipped with the right radio receivers, elero control systems can be used to operate other elements such as radiant heaters or lighting – for even more comfort on your patio.

MultiTel 2 - This hand-held transmitter in a smart design has 15 individual channels, 5 group channels and one central channel.

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