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Frequently asked questions

If you are an end customer and are interested in our products, please contact one of our competent service partners directly. Use our dealer search to find a suitable specialist in your area quickly and simply.

How do I teach in a radio transmitter?

TempoTel 2, MultiTel 2, VarioTel 2, LumeroTel 2, MonoTel 2, SoloTel 2, AstroTec-868, MemoTec-868, UniTec-868, VarioTec-868

For technical installations, please contact a specially trained elero partner, who will be able to perform the setting quickly and simply. Commissioning by a non-specialist may lead to the system being destroyed in certain circumstances. Use our dealer search to find a suitable specialist in your area quickly and simply.

Specialist trade partners can learn how to set limit switches under Operation Videos.

For further information, see the relevant instructions too.

Which overall product ranges from which switch manufacturers are elero wall devices suitable for?

AstroTec-868, UniTec-868, VarioTec-868, AeroTec, AstroTec, TempoTec, VarioTec, MonoTec

Below is an overview of which control units are suitable for which switches and which adapter frames are required.

Configuration cannot be loaded

  • Wrong version of the configuration - Check upward or downward compatibility

Gateway cannot connect to the Cloud Server

  • Firewall may be set too strictly - Release ports 1901, 1902 and 1905 for communication in the firewall
  • Cloud server is down - Wait until the cloud server is accessible again

Gateway cannot set up a connection to the home WLAN

  • Repeaters interfere with a direct connection to the WLAN router - Deactivate all repeaters, access points or further WLAN routers with the same SSID
  • Gateway too close or too far away from WLAN router - Change location of gateway to WLAN router
  • Gateway is shielded by furniture, walls or other objects - Position the gateway so that communication with the WLAN router is possible
  • Existing 5GHz network with the same SSID interferes with connection establishment - Temporarily rename or deactivate 5GHZ WLAN

Gateway is not found

  • Gateway is too close to the mobile device - Move the mobile device further away from the gateway
  • Gateway is too far away from the mobile device - Move the mobile device closer to the gateway
  • Gateway is shielded by walls, cabinets or other - Position gateway so that gateway can communicate with mobile device

What is the difference between tubular drives with electronic and mechanical limit switches?

On tubular drives with mechanical limit switches, shutdown in the hanging's upper and lower end position is via a micro switch in each case. The shutdown position for the relevant sense of rotation can be adjusted via a limit switch setting screw on the drive head.

For drives with an electronic limit switch unit, the shutdown points are adjusted via the connecting cable and stored. Depending on the type, these drives enable special movement strategies or hanging protection functions via this end switch unit.

How can I find a suitable drive for my installation situation?

With the drive calculation program by elero, you can find a suitable drive for your relevant installation situation in just a few clicks.

Can the AstroTec / AstroTec-868 timer also be used as a sunblind?

Yes. The AstroTec / AstroTec-868 timer can be combined with the Lumo light sensor and control the roller shutter according to sunlight incidence.

What is the successor to Sonneboy control units and sensors?

Sonneboy, Sonneboy 90, Sonneboy impuls

Old productNew product
Sonneboy 90,
Sonneboy impuls
Sun / wind monitors for
Sonneboy 90,
Sonneboy impuls
Wind monitor
Sonneboy 90,
Sonneboy impuls
Photocell  SonneboyLumero


Evaluation of wind has been changed on the new control system. For this reason the Sonneboy/Sonneboy 90 control units are neither compatible with the new Aero and Ventero sensors nor the old sun/wind monitors with the new AeroTec. Electrical connections need to be made by an authorised electrician! Electrical connection/wiring of AstroTec is identical to connection of Sonneboy control units.