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Home automation

A smart home is primarily about making living safer and more comfortable as well as about saving energy. The daily routines of the users are facilitated by automatic scenes, voice commands and the remote control of devices. If you want to remain flexible, choose an open system that can also incorporate devices from other manufacturers. As an international reference in building automation, we meet the high demands of the market and offer you smart home systems for every requirement: Yubii Home and Centero Home

Intelligent home

More living comfort and safety

Protect your home and your loved ones

A wide range of CO sensors, flood and smoke detectors, door/window interfaces and cameras can reliably and continuously protect your home and your loved ones from any danger, even the invisible ones.

Comfort and control in each room

Home should always be warm and pleasant! Get smart heat controllers, thermostats, wall plugs and WiFi air conditioning interfaces, and Yubii Home will ensure proper comfort and control in each room, tailored to your needs.

Make the most of natural sunlight

Have you ever thought of automating your interior blinds, venetian blinds, awnings, pergolas or shutters? You can do it and even integrate them into your Yubii ecosystem. Manage natural lights smartly, while boosting your home’s energy efficiency.

Smart management of all your electrical loads

With the help of smart wall plugs and switches connected to your electric appliances such as dishwasher, washing machines or oven, Yubii Home will be able to turn them on or off when needed, monitor and measure their power consumption, and protect your house from overvoltage.

Yubii Home

Your home gets smart and your life gets better

Yubii Home is the heart of the new smart home. The smart hub manages all smart devices and communicates with them. It receives the data from the Z-Wave sensors, processes them and has suitable operations carried out.

The Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts voice assistants allow all applications to be controlled with ease by voice. Even from anywhere in the world – with the Yubii app on your smartphone or tablet. Almost all bidirectional elero and Nice radio drives and radio receivers can be integrated into the Yubii Home smart home environment. In addition, Yubii Home is compatible with more than 3,000 devices from other well-known manufacturers. Furthermore, the gateway can support an IP camera and up to five devices by means of app plug-ins.


For users who want to save time and fully enjoy their home, the living comfort kit is the first choice:

Installed in a socket or wall switch, On/Off control can switch on or monitor electrical appliances and control most household appliances. With Plug-Control, you can integrate lights, music systems and other consumers into the smart home system and activate them with it. Motion-Control provides even more living comfort. In addition to motion detection, this sensor can be used to measure the temperature and light intensity. The devices integrated into the system can be activated in relation to the time or sensor signals and, of course, at the touch of a button. Push-Control excels with an innovative design and makes the feel-good experience perfect. Placed next to the bed, one press is enough, for example, to trigger a “morning scene”.

With our sustainability kit, you can save a great deal of energy without any effort and enjoy an ideal indoor climate in your smart home:

Motion-Control detects movements in the room and also measures the temperature and light intensity. Installed in a socket or wall switch, On/Off-Control can switch on or monitor electrical appliances and can control most household appliances. Heat-Control regulates the room temperature for smart heating management and D/W-Control knows whether windows or doors are open, among other things. Together, the four of them are unbeatable. Ventilation and heating can thus be managed remotely and automatically adapted to the needs of your family. In addition, users consequently consume less energy and protect the environment.

Give your customers a good feeling by protecting their home. They will feel comfortable there with the safety kit.

Motion-Control detects movements in the room and also measures the temperature and light intensity. Smoke-Control is an intelligent smoke and fi re detector and Flood-Control alerts to fl ooding and any tampering, among other things. Together, the three form a powerful team. Potential dangers are predicted, people are warned and automatic sequences can be stored as a scene or condition in Yubii Home, for example to allow all motorised roller shutters to open if Smoke-Control detects smoke.


A real all-in-one ecosystem

The smart home system fully automates your house or flat and is a genuine all-in-one system offering a world full of possibilities. Yubii Home will make your home smart and your life easier. The versatile gateway integrates products and radio protocols from elero and Nice. Countless devices from other brands can be incorporated into the system thanks to its compatibility with the Z-Wave® protocol.

The current compatibility list for Yubii Home can be found here.

Further information on www.yubiihome.com

Centero Home

The Smart Home entry solution especially for sun protection

Centero Home is the ideal entry into the Smart Home world. The control and automation of home automation products is possible via radio (868 MHz, 433 MHz), IP and infrared. Centero Home can be used both in the cloud and locally in the WLAN.

All functions related to sun shading and roller shutter control are covered. In addition, home automation and security components as well as lifestyle products from other manufacturers can be integrated. A weather service with forecast is part of Centero Home.


  • Simple and intuitive operation of the building services, at the touch of a button or automatically
  • More convenience thanks to clever scenes that link privacy and sun protection with sensors or timers
  • When safety sensors signal, defined processes are triggered to protect your house and inventory
  • Reliable feedback on the status of the devices, at any time and even when on the move
  • CenteroHome app available in 5 languages (EN, DE, FR, IT, PL)

With Centero Home you can control:

  • All your visual and sun protection with elero radio drives and receivers
  • Radio-controlled switchable sockets as well as lighting and heating elements with elero radio receivers
  • Motion detectors and smoke alarms, window contacts, radiator thermostats and temperature sensors from Homematic
  • Lighting system from Philips Hue
  • Amazon Alexa, Netatmo weather station, Doorbird, Sonos about Centero Home Plus

All this can be controlled with Centero Home

0. Blinds - RolTop S

Blinds - RolTop S

Blinds are the ideal complement to venetians blinds and roller shutters and are enjoying ever greater popularity. They are mounted on the inside of the window and are available in various colours and materials. Equipped with the particularly quiet elero drives, they move at the touch of a button and thus enhance your living quality.

RolTop S-868 radio tubular motor
RolTop S-868
1. Venetian blinds – JA Comfort-868

Venetian blinds – JA Comfort-868

To keep the heat outside in summer and still allow daylight into the room, elero venetian blind drives are ideal for optimally regulating sunlight and improving the indoor climate. Depending on requirements, they can be operated and automated centrally, in groups or individually.

JA Comfort-868
2. Door intercom systems

Door intercom systems

With a Doorbird video door phone integrated into Centero Home system, you can see visitors without opening your front door - even when you're on the move.

2. Radiator thermostat

Radiator thermostat

If radiators can also be controlled while on the move or linked to certain events, this has a clear effect on energy savings and thus also on your wallet.

3. Light systems

Light systems

Switching luminaires on and off, dimming them and adjusting the colour temperature as required - this makes a decisive contribution to living comfort. The Philips Hue lighting system is taught-in in just a few simple steps via the Centero Home App... and you control the smart light for your home at the touch of a finger.

4. Radiant heaters - Combio HE

Radiant heaters - Combio HE

The barbecue party gets cold in the evening? The radiant heater under the awning ensures that you can sit outside for longer. With Centero Home, this can be stored user-guided and intuitively.

Combio-868 HE
5. Sound systems

Sound systems

With Centero Home Plus and Sonos WLAN-based sound systems, you can easily control your music anywhere in your home.

6. Roller shutters

Roller shutters

Automated roller shutters ensure a pleasant coolness on hot days and that the heat remains in the house in winter. Roller shutter drives from elero move the shutters gently and with high precision. The drives with optimised running behaviour can be moved in standard run or in super quiet whisper mode. This ensures maximum living comfort and protects the roller shutter.

RolMotion M-868 radio tubular motor
RolMotion M-868
6. Pergola - Patio

Pergola - Patio

Pergolas only offer their users optimum comfort if they can be reliably motorised and individually controlled. The combination of the maintenance-free linear drive system Picolo 0 and the PatioControl with integrated radio receiver and an optional light module is ideally suited. This allows the system to be easily integrated into your SmartHome.

Picolo 0
7. Awnings – SunTop M-868

Awnings – SunTop M-868

Radio drives from elero automate awnings particularly gently and with great sensitivity. A learning power curve always exposes the fabric only to the tension required. This protects the awning system for years of trouble-free use. Both installation and commissioning can be carried out quickly and easily.

SunTop M-868 radio tubular motor
SunTop M-868
7. Radio socket - Unio-868

Radio socket - Unio-868

If the lighting is switched on and off even in the absence, the house is inhabited and discourages potential burglars.

8. Safety and protection components

Safety and protection components

Various safety and protection components such as smoke and moisture detectors as well as door and window contacts can be integrated into the Centero Home.


The compatibility list for Centero Home NXT can be found


You can access the FAQs for Centero Home NXT here.

You can find more information about Centero Home here.


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