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Awning motor

Sensitive awning motors protect the awning systems

Awnings have long been tried and tested with their long-term durability, as well as their functional sun protection for sunny days and especially for hot days - a decorative fabric sun protection system is almost indispensable today, when one would like to relax for some hours on one´s own patio or terrace. Fabric awnings for providing shade require particularly sensitive motors when compared to other applications. elero has particularly specialised in manufacturing these specialised motors. With the RevoLine “Sun” motor generation special attention has been given to meet the needs of fabric materials. The Sun motor tensions the awning fabric very gently and with great care. An adaptive force curve provides the fabric with exactly the right amount of tension necessary. This preserves the awning system so that it can provide many years of trouble free use. Due to its low lateral space requirements the motors can be easily integrated into standard sun protection devices. Both installation and commissioning are carried out easily and quickly.

RevoLine - for all types of awnings

RevoLine motors move all types of awnings. Whether cartridge, box, open hinged arm or conservatory awning, the awning motor can be used for all sun protection systems. To program the end positions one approach to each end position is all that is needed.

SunTop - for utilisation in many special constructions

SunTop motors can be implemented in open and closed, articulated-arm awnings, sun-shading for conservatories as well as many special constructions. The intelligent motors can be adapted to the particular characteristics of the system, by identifying the forces required and providing them. The fabric is therefore streamlined with a lot of sensitivity, which "apropos" also protects the mechanics. The result: The service life of the sun protection system is significantly increased!

The right motor for every mounting situation

All awning motors are available in different torques and for all conventional shaft diameters and profiles from 38 mm upwards. The motors are fitted with the latest technology. The mechanism is robust, durable and maintenance-free. Another convincing factor is also their quiet operation, which allows a barely audible operation of the awning and thereby provides the home owners with another comfort-plus factor.

Sun protection systems controlled with remote control

Building owners desire as much comfort for their homes as possible - especially with awnings. Therefore, the drive and control technology for the convenient operation of awnings, roller shutters, venetian blinds etcetera is becoming increasingly popular. The main advantages of radio systems are obvious: Apart from a power line for the motor, no further wiring is necessary. This saves precious time and money - without causing any subsequent dirt! The bi-directional remote control system from the ProLine 2 range provides an additional benefit for safety and functionality, such as e.g. visualising the transmission and feedback commands via an LED light.

Secure data transfer

Irrespective of whether one or more sun protection systems should be controlled by radio - with remote control systems from the ProLine range there is always an appropriate solution! An advantage with the radio frequency utilised by elero is the secure data transfer. This enables you to send signals on three different frequencies within the 868.3 MHz band. The regulations from the legislators mean that interference with other radio devices is very unlikely. If there should be any possible interference on the standard frequency, then the hand-held transmitter will automatically fallback to one of the other two frequencies in the band. Other advantages include the precise control as well as the fine adjustment for the sun protection systems. In addition, a light source or heating can be connected and operated via radio control.

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