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Venetian blind motor

Airy and transparent – is how we build today. Not only in the building area but also in the living area. Motorised and automatic Roman shades and venetian blinds allow enough daylight to enter and can also be used to regulate the light in the room. To ensure that the sun and heat remain outside in Summer, yet light still enters the room, venetian blind motors from elero are the perfect solution for optimal regulation of sunlight and improving the indoor climate. Depending on requirements, they can be operated centrally, in groups or individually.

Make the burglars sweat it out

An automated, time-switched combined shading system offers yet another advantage: A special holiday switching system based on a randomly generated time, regardless of the individual weekly programme, provides an automated additional security against break-ins. The opening and closing of the shutters or roller blinds creates the impression that the residents are at home. Burglars, who spend days watching a house to find out whether the residents are on holiday, are therefore faced with a tough ordeal. The intelligent systems from elero not only provide the residents with a cool environment when they are at home in Summer, but also increase protection against intruders when they are away.

Benefits of elero venetian blind motors

The elero motors are available in many versions. For quick installation and adjustment, the venetian blind motors have lockable end-limit switches, which are separate and easily accessible from the outside. This makes it possible to use these motors in practically all situations. Our venetian blind motors are optimally designed for the specific requirements for venetian blinds - they are reliable, robust, maintenance-free as well as space-saving - the perfect choice for your application! All elero venetian blind motors move at a swift 26 revolutions per minute, and are equipped with an integrated thermal protection - this alone provides an overload protection, even with hot temperatures.

JA Soft venetian blind motors leave nothing to be desired

JA Soft venetian blind motor from elero have been designed for requirements such as lighting control in rooms and especially for large areas. The motors are equipped with a maximum torque of 6 or 9 Nm, as well as a wear-free and noiseless soft brake as a standard fitting. The built-in brake prevents disturbing noises for the residents during starting and stopping of the venetian blind.

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