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Plug & play roller shutter motor

Automation can be so simple! 
The benefits of automatic operation of roller shutters with high-quality RolTop/D+ drives from elero are convincing.

An assortment of user benefits

Thanks to the silent, wear-free soft brake (with drives up to 20 Nm) roller shutters can be opened and closed particularly quietly. Travel to the end position with reduced motor speed and reduced torque (up to 20 Nm) protects fabrics. If an obstacle is blocking the path, the RolTop/D+ comes to a halt and releases the obstacle. Even if the fabric has frozen into position, the drive switches itself off to avoid any damage. The required use of rigid shaft connectors or anti-lift devices has a burglary-resistant effect.

RolTop/D+ drives are available with bidirectional radio and routing function or as a wired version.

Connect and ready to go

The intelligent roller shutter drive automatically recognises and stores the end positions following installation. The installation process is completed after just one up and down cycle. 

The plug-and-play devices are available as the wired version RolTop D+ S for shafts with a diameter of 38 mm or greater and as the M version for shafts with a diameter of 50 mm or greater. Naturally both versions are also available with bidirectional radio and routing function. The wired version is controlled using switches, and if desired with or without a timer function. With the radio version using the 868 MHz frequency range the roller shutters may be moved comfortably using a wall-mounted or hand-held transmitter or as part of intelligent building automation solution. The routing function ensures that signals reliably reach their destination. Should obstacles such as reflective walls disrupt the direct path to the drive, the command is transferred via another receiver. In addition, the bidirectional radio system enhances transparency and security for the user as the drive communicates its current status to the transmitter. A quick glance provides assurance as to whether the operating command has been executed.

Rigid shaft connectors are used with the deployment of RolTop/D+ drives!

ProLine control unit for a perfect living quality

ProLine control technology - hardwired or radio control - provides perfect comfortable living. It opens and closes roller shutters automatically, or at the push of a button. Technical perfection, high quality and a timeless design are features of these control units. Other advantages include ease of use, large operating buttons and a clear display overview. Modular integration of the individual components allows for many control options. The control units are easy to connect and are suitable for many standard switching programmes. The hardwired control units include, among others, the AstroTec which provides year-round optimum opening and closing times due to its adjustment for sunrise and sunset.

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