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Ease of use & Energy efficiency

Benefit from greater ease of use
and energy efficiency

Whether you automate your roller shutters, venetian blinds, awnings or screens, elero products allow you to effortlessly operate and control your privacy and sun protection system. When it comes to the type of operation or level of automation, the choice is yours: elero offers a wide range of wireless controllers and a wired version for wall mounting, all of which can be used with the switch ranges of leading manufacturers.

These practical convenience features and automatic functions are also available as wired control systems for wall mounting. Your retailer will be happy to assist you.

Greater energy efficiency and optimal climate control

In the cool season, automatic roller shutters are automatically lowered at dusk. The reinforcement and the insulating layer of air surrounding the glass help keep warmth inside your house.

When the sunlight is strong, sensors ensure that roller shutters, screens or venetian blinds close automatically. Rooms stay pleasantly cool – without the need for fans or air conditioners.

Yubii Home is the heart of the new smart home. The smart hub manages all smart devices and communicates with them. It receives the data from the Z-Wave sensors, processes them and has suitable operations carried out.

You are still not sure which product suits your needs and your application? Use our product search engine and find the right one for you and your requirements.