elero GmbH Antriebstechnik

Maybachstr. 30
73278 Schlierbach

Phone: +49 7021 9539-0
Fax: 49 7021 9539-212
E-Mail: info@elero.de

elero GmbH

Maybachstr. 30
73278 Schlierbach 

T  +49 7021 9539-0 
F  +49 7021 9539-212



We have changed our e-mail domain from @elero.de
to @niceforyou.com.

Mails sent to the previous addresses,
will still be received by us.

We represent the brand elero, but at the same time
we are part of the international part of the
international Nice group of companies.
We want to take this into account with
a uniform mail address mail address.
A lean organization and a uniform vision
are behind our behind our one-company strategy,
from which our customers also benefit.

As elero, we are also "Nice for you".