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Roller shutter motor

Roller shutter motors from elero offer many benefits: They not only make the daily pulling on the band superfluous, but also ensure optimum protection against sun, burglars and prying eyes. Another benefit is provided with energy saving: The thermal heat is maintained in the house in Winter, and the roller shutter provides a pleasant coolness on hot days. Roller shutter motors from elero are also reliable, maintenance-free and extremely easy to use. The roller shutter motors not only provide a pleasant living environment and good lighting - rather more, the associated control systems with their contemporary design provide a measurable benefit for quality of life in all living environments.

Automated roller shutters save energy

Reducing energy costs only starts to get meaningful for many people when it is cold outside in Winter, and it is important to save on heating costs. However, some energy-saving measures are also very simple in Summer, and do not differ from the methods which are also used in Winter - such as the clever opening and closing of roller shutters. While thermal energy can be saved by punctually closing shutter blinds at dusk, the intelligent roller shutter or venetian blind control technology from elero also contribute in Summer to ensure that the rooms do not heat up too much during the day.

Correctly prepared for the Summer

Those who want to keep their rooms cool in Summer, without air conditioning, have to spend a lot of time with the ups and downs of roller shutters or venetian blinds: up in the morning to ventilate, then close them again so that the midday heat does not come into the house, when you come home these then have to be reopened in order to enjoy the beautiful evening atmosphere, before they are lowered again at night. This can be a lot easier when this work can be done by roller shutter motors and venetian blind motors from elero. Combined with a timer for opening and closing, the "store" shuts on time. With the additional use of a light / twilight sensor such as e.g. the Lumo, you can close the roller shutters or venetian blinds with direct sunlight. Therefore the rooms remain cool even in high summer, without energy-intensive use of an air conditioning system.

Gentle force for the roller shutters

Modern motors must fulfil numerous requirements. The motor should be robust, durable and reliable, while at the same time work quietly and maintenance-free. The RevoLine roller shutter motors from elero move the shutters smoothly and precisely. Roller shutter motors of the type RolTop and RolSmart-K also have an integrated slow speed, which guarantees a gentle stop travel. This protects the roller shutters and reduces noise build-up significantly.

Time is money - quick installation

For the development of the RevoLine roller shutter motors much emphasis has been placed on a time saving installation. The motors are quickly installed and can be easily commissioned. That is why for e.g. latching clutches, motor bearings with "Click-System", plug-in cables, as well as other useful accessories. This makes assembly fun and also saves time and money.

Smart and adaptive

The motors automatically adjust to environmental changes. If for example a roller shutter curtain elongates with time, readjustment of the limit switches is not necessary. If the roller shutter meets an obstacle or is frozen solid, the motor of the type RolSmart-K or RolTop stops automatically, to avoid damage occurring. New with RolTop motors are the obstacle recognition with free travel and selectable release function in the stop travel.

ProLine control unit for a perfect living quality

ProLine control technology - hardwired or radio control - provides perfect comfortable living. It opens and closes roller shutters automatically, or at the push of a button. Technical perfection, high quality and a timeless design are features of these control units. Other advantages include ease of use, large operating buttons and a clear display overview. Modular integration of the individual components allows for many control options. The control units are easy to connect and are suitable for many standard switching programmes. The hardwired control units include, among others, the AstroTec which provides year-round optimum opening and closing times due to its adjustment for sunrise and sunset.




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