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Nice announces double-digit million investment plan for its Sun Shading Solutions business unit

Nice is planning to further increase the production capacity of their fledgling business unit Sun Shading Solutions with extensive investments over the next three years.

"We are focusing our activities on our customers. The investments will help us to deliver increasing quantities in a timely manner in order to meet the requirements of our market partners at all times", explains Enzo Viola, CEO of elero and the Sun Shading Solutions business unit.  

With elero's expertise in this sector and Nice's strength as a global player, the business unit, which is responsible for all the group's sun protection activities, is ideally positioned. The product range includes roller shutters, textile sun protection, venetian blind and façade applications with the Nice and elero brands.  The dynamic market development and the acquisition of new customers contributed to rapid growth in the current year, which is expected to generate sales of 150 million euros in 2021.   

Long-term strategy
However, global difficulties in the supply of raw materials and related price increases have become a challenge. Furthermore, the business unit is pursuing a long-term strategy based on a three-pillar approach to enable customer-oriented delivery times in the face of increasing demand.

The production capacity of elero tubular motors at the Schlierbach plant will be doubled as early as November 2021.
In addition, the business unit's competencies are being used to verticalise production. Important components are manufactured in-house in order to respond more efficiently and independently to the demands of the global market in the coming years. 

Expansion of outbound logistics
In a third step, Nice and elero will get closer to the customer by expanding outbound logistics. Even greater logistics expertise and geographical proximity to customers in the most important markets play a decisive role here.
"We are confident that, with elero's years of experience in the sun shading sector and Nice's global strength, our mid and long term business plan is on a good footing. The planned investments are particularly significant from a strategic point of view. They will help to ensure further development while also strengthening our market position at an international level even faster", says Roberto Griffa, CEO of Nice.

The business unit was founded in January 2021 and is located at both plants: at Nice's headquarters in Oderzo, Italy, and at elero in Schlierbach, Baden-Württemberg. As a subsidiary of Nice, this traditional manufacturer specialises in drive and control solutions concerning privacy and sun protection.


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