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Pergola automation

Picolo 0 and control unit PatioControl

In combination with this duo pergolas offer protection against excessive solar radiation and rain, distribute daylight as desired, and can be operated comfortably via a radio hand-held transmitter. In addition, weather sensors, LED lighting and side shading may also be integrated.

Pergolas only offer their users the greatest-possible comfort if they can be reliably motorised and individually controlled – best of all by radio. The ideal combination is with the maintenance-free linear actuator systems Picolo 0 and the PatioControl with its integrated radio receiver and an optional light module. Operation is via a hand-held radio transmitter or a wall-mounted transmitter. Timers and weather sensors automatically move the slats in accordance with the time of day, the light, wind, rain and snow conditions, and the temperature.

Side shading with elero radio drives can also be integrated, ensuring even more benefits and home comforts.

elero products fulfil the highest demands in terms of design, functionality and quality. Compact components and ease of installation ensure that the technology can be fitted quickly and so that it remains inconspicuous.

A complete control system

Radio transmitters and sensorsIndividual, simple operation and automatic movement

Pergola slats may be adjusted at any time to suit the weather conditions with a combination of Picolo 0 with the elero radio control unit PatioControl. Automation makes it possible to react easily to changing weather conditions, and thus to create a homely atmosphere and pleasant climate under the pergola at all times.
Additional compatible bidirectional radio components are to be found here

TempoTel 2

10-channel hand-held radio transmitter; Can be used both unidirectionally and bidirectionally; Integrated timer with Astro function and holiday program; Transmitted and feedback commands are visualised via an LED

Sensero-868 AC /Plus

Radio weather sensor with light, twilight and wind functions; May be attached to swivel-mounted wall bracket or mast; In the Plus variant with additional rain sensor

Yubii Home

Yubii Home will make your home smart and your life easier. The versatile gateway integrates products and radio protocols from elero and Nice.

Centero Home

Access your building technology worldwide; Swift and simple installation; Security thanks to reliable feedback; Encrypted data Transfer; Various users can access at the same time

Picolo 0Functionality combined with an attractive design

Thanks to its IP67 ingress protection it is immune to the effects of wind and rain. Among the typical uses are not just pergolas, but also conservatory roofs, façades, louvre windows and swimming pools. In this respect its mounting position may be chosen as desired. The stylish, slender drive can be integrated perfectly into the profiles of a pergola.

Load (N) 900 - 1,800
Stroke speed (mm/s) ca. 2 - 4.5
Stroke lengths (mm) 75 - 400 (lug-lug mounting)
Operating voltage 24V DC
Protection type IP 67
Housing diameter (mm) 35

PatioControlThe control unit with radio module

An optimum solution is offered to users with a combination of Picolo 0 and the radio control unit PatioControl. This allows pergola slats to be controlled using a hand-held or wall-mounted transmitter, sensors or timer switches. The control may be used with bidirectional elero radio transmitter/control devices.

  • Integrated radio receiver 868 MHz or 915 MHz
  • Motor control for 1 or 2 drives
  • Protection class IP 65
  • Adjustable speed and load breaking
  • With temperature sensor for frost and snow recognition
    The pergola slats can then be moved automatically into various protective positions
  • Optional light module
    - for 24 V LED lamps
    - with 4 light channels, 4 × 50 W (e.g. red, green, blue, white)

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