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New smart home solution: Nice and elero launch Yubii Home in the German market

Flexible, compatible and secure: the versatile gateway fulfils the desire for more living comfort, sustainability and security

Smart home solutions are increasingly in demand – both for new buildings and for retrofitting existing building. If you want to remain flexible, choose an open system that can also incorporate devices from other manufacturers. With Yubii Home, Nice have launched a smart home ecosystem that meets these requirements. The gateway not only integrates products and radio protocols from elero and Nice, but also more than 3,000 devices from other brands thanks to its compatibility with the Z-Wave® protocol. Yubii Home is now also available in Germany and can be purchased from Nice and elero.

"A smart home should not only make living more secure and comfortable, but, above all, save energy, fully in line with Nice's sustainability strategy. We are happy that we can now meet the high demands of the market with smart home systems for every need and at the same time contribute to further reducing the impact of our homes on the environment: Yubii Home as a true all-in-one system developed under Nice's umbrella, and Centero Home for a smart application focussed on privacy and sun protection," says elero CEO Enzo Viola.

Flexible all-in-one system

Thanks to its versatility, Yubii Home will become the centrepiece of the new smart home. The smart hub manages all smart devices and communicates with them. It receives the data from the Z-Wave sensors, processes them and has suitable operations carried out. The voice assistants Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts allow all applications to be controlled by voice using the Yubii app on your smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Almost all bidirectional radio drives, radio receivers and sensors from Nice and elero can be integrated into the Yubii Home smart home environment. In addition, Yubii Home is compatible with more than 3,000 devices from other well-known manufacturers. Furthermore, the gateway can support an IP camera and up to five devices by means of app plug-ins.

This makes it possible to manage and control all desired automatic systems from a central point. Roller shutters, venetian blinds, awnings, interior sun protection, gates, windows and doors, lighting, electrical household appliances, heating and irrigation systems as well as the entire home entertainment system can be controlled and integrated into automatic processes with a simple command. Appropriate sensors detect water leaks, carbon monoxide, fires, temperature, lighting conditions, motion and any tampering.

For new buildings and retrofitting of existing buildings

Yubii Home is not only suitable for new installations, but can also be retrofitted. Existing installations such as wired roller shutter and venetian blind drives, garage door drives or lighting can be subsequently integrated into Yubii Home with devices such as Roll-Control or On-Off-Control. As a completely wireless system, Yubii Home can be installed with little effort and adapted and expanded to meet new needs at any time.

Broad support for the specialist trade

With benefit-oriented starter kits on the topics of living comfort, sustainability and security, elero support the specialist trade in providing advice for initial installations. "Experience has shown us that one of these value propositions is at the forefront of every consumer's mind when purchasing a smart home system. That's why our starter kits are geared towards these needs and show the respective advantages in a concentrated manner," says Enzo Viola. In addition, elero offer training courses for specialist companies, which subsequently enables them to be listed in the dealer search under "Yubii Home". In the near future, the traditional company from Baden-Württemberg will also provide modular displays to support sales. With the specially designed Yubii Web app for installation technicians, an efficient solution has also been designed for remote maintenance of the smart home system.

Dealers can find more information at elero.de/YubiiHome.


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