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Controls for tubular motors,
Controls for venetian blinds

This solar-powered radio light sensor has integrated solar cells and optimally controls roller shutters or sun protection systems on the basis of the light conditions.


Roller shutters, Sonro roller shutters, Awnings, Blinds and screens, Dual screens, Zip screens, Special applications (90 rpm), Venetian blinds, Roller shutters with louvre function
Radio sensor Lumero-868

Radio-light sensor Lumero-868 with solar cells for roller shutters and sun protection

Examples of Use

  • Wireless sun sensor 
  • Uni- and bidirectional 
  • Integrated solar cells 
  • Manual operation of the system via hand-held/wall-mounted transmitters 
  • Usable only with radio receivers from the elero radio system ProLine 2 and ProLine-868 
  • Bidirectional operation possible only with receivers from version 75 (Combio-868) or version 21 (RolTop-868, SunTop-868) or from manufacturing date 05/12.
Product variants
  • Lumero-868

    Radio sensor Lumero-868

    Article number: 28 680.0006

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