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Trade fair Stuttgart

Automation of active facades

Object: Trade fair Stuttgart
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

A conical glass roof spans the entrance area of the trade fair in Stuttgart. The horizontal shading beneath the glass roof ensures a well-tempered climate. The shading is made up of 80 textile-covered slats as long as 7.5 metres, which may be turned by 90° on their horizontal axis. In order to bring these reliably into the desired position the planners of the sun protection system (Hassinger in Ludwigshafen) decided in favour of a drive solution from the manufacturer elero Linearantriebstechnik: Econom 0 linear actuators each with a force of 3,000 newtons move the slats precisely – right down to the millimetre.

For further information about elero linear actuators, please refer to <link http: www.elero-linear.com index.php aa043a _blank>www.elero-linear.com