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New VariEco S-K drives from elero

For years, elero has been supplying a range of drives that eliminate running and braking noises. Now the company has developed the new VariEco S-K series of short models. These drives run even more quietly than all previous solutions.

An even quieter design

Convenience, security, energy savings – thanks to these advantages, more and more consumers want to automate their roller shutters and sun protection systems. At the same time, there is one thing that users do not want in their house: noise from vibrating or humming motors when the blinds move, and clicking noises when the blinds stop.

Consequently, running noise was reduced in the new VariEco S-K thanks to the improved tooth system of the gear box, which is made of noise-absorbing material, and the modified stator bearing. Perfect interlocking of all components ensures smooth, even operation. elero has already carried out various tests under different installation conditions in cooperation with manufacturers who will use the drive. The result: The new VariEco S-K is one of the quietest drives in the industry – even when mounted in a cavity wall, which normally results in high noise levels. The hysteresis brake, which the company uses in 90 per cent of its drives, also stops the blind without the typical loud clicking sound.

The new VariEco S-K is ideal for motorising roller blinds, screens and roller shutters. The short 421-millimetre model can be used to automate very narrow blinds. This means that building contractors can still opt for easy control of roller shutters and fabric sun protection systems even for small or extremely tall windows. Short versions featuring 70, 30 and 17 revolutions per minute are available. Torque specifications are 1.2 Nm (70 rpm) 3 Nm (30 rpm) and 5 Nm (17 rpm).

elero offers the right motorisation for almost every blind with suitable thicknesses and sizes. Speeds of 10 to 138 revolutions per minute are possible. All drives can be quickly and easily installed and operated. If required, perfectly matched accessories such as latching adapters, plug-in cables and click-in motor bearings are available.


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