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Hysteresis brake in elero drives

When motorised privacy screen and sun protection elements reach their intermediate or end position, there is often a loud clicking sound that users find annoying. To prevent such noise, elero has been installing hysteresis brakes in over 90 per cent of its drives for roller shutters, venetian blinds and fabric curtains for many years. These brakes stop the movement of the blind completely silently.

Silent stopping

The non-contact brake in elero motors features a non-magnetised hysteresis ring installed over a multipole permanent magnet ring mounted on the rotor. A magnetic flux is created in the air gap between the two components, producing the braking effect. There is no mechanical friction in this process. The brake is therefore not subject to any changes during its entire service life and contributes to the longevity of the drives. It does not wear down and is completely silent. elero uses hysteresis brakes in the majority of its drives because of these advantages. The company has included a 3D animation on its website to illustrate this technology for anyone interested in the technical details.

elero drives are extremely quiet. The new VariEco S-K is a perfect example. This drive is one of the quietest in the industry thanks to the improved tooth system of the gear box, the use of noise-absorbing materials and the modified rotor bearing. Perfect interlocking of all components ensures smooth operation. elero offers the right motorisation for nearly every blind with suitable sizes, torques and speeds. Assembly and start-up are simple and fast. Perfectly matched accessories assist with set-up. The drives are moved via wired connections or via the ProLine 2 bidirectional radio system. State-of-the-art controls such as the Centero smart home solution are available.


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