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The right automation for every blind

Blinds on windows protect against heat, glare, heat loss, prying eyes and burglars. They block or make use of incoming sunlight and therefore play an important role in optimising energy efficiency. However, their advantages can only be used easily and effectively through automation. elero offers matching drives and innovative controls for all types of blinds.

Sun under control

The company's RevoLine drives move roller shutters, roller blinds, awnings and screens gently and precisely. Thanks to a silent, wear-resistant soft brake, the blinds move to their end positions and intermediate positions smoothly and with no clicking noise. If an obstacle obstructs their path, the drive automatically detects this, stops and releases it. The drive stops if the bottom slat locks up or freezes. The RolTop roller shutter drive with special shaft connectors and anti push-up devices makes life difficult for burglars. The RolTop D+ plug-and-play version automatically detects and saves the end positions during the set-up process. As a result, a single up-and-down cycle is all that is needed for installation.

When the goal is to keep out pesky mosquitoes, motorised insect-repelling roller blinds are the perfect solution. They close quickly and are hidden from sight in their box when not in use. elero designed the RolTop M for this application. It is available with and without 868 MHz radio technology and also comes in a high-speed version. It features a soft brake and runs gently with reduced wear on materials.

In glass architecture, fabric screens over windows are a popular functional and aesthetic choice. They prevent rooms from heating up, let in plenty of natural light and retain a view of outside. elero developed the SunTop/Z with a wrap-around round head especially for zip screens with a guide in the side rails. It also features intelligent jamming detection. It stops when it encounters an obstacle and attempts to restart. If it cannot restart, it returns to the upper end position and waits for a new command.

JA models from elero are specifically tailored for use in external blinds and venetian blinds. The JA Comfort-868 is a new model that can be operated via an assembly cable or a programmed radio transmitter. Here too, users benefit from a soft brake without running or clicking noises, built-in jamming detection and anti-freeze protection. The slats return at reduced speed. Users can control the angle of the slats automatically according to the movement of the sun or adjust it precisely to their needs.

In addition to wired versions, all drives are also available with a ProLine 2 bidirectional radio system and a routing function. Receivers simultaneously function as transmitters. They transmit the signal until it reaches the destination. Once the command has been executed, the transmitter receives a response message from the drive. Residents can see the executed command on a visual display on the transmitter. elero control systems include state-of-the-art wall-mounted and hand-held radio transmitters as well as intelligent sensors.

With Centero and the specially developed app, users can control their home systems from iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets – when on the move and, of course, at home. Blinds, lighting, radiant heaters, electrical appliances and much more can be programmed. Window contacts, motion detectors and humidity sensors can also be integrated.

The multichannel MultiTec Touch-868 wall-mounted radio transmitter also manages home systems. Building contractors choose it for its elegant design and intuitive operation via a high-quality touchscreen. Privacy screens and sun protection systems, lights and much more can be viewed individually, together or in groups. 20 channels are available.

The Centero and MultiTec Touch-868 feature built-in automatic processes such as custom scenes, a holiday program for presence simulation and the astro function for moving blinds according to sunrise and sunset times. This ensures maximum convenience, security and energy efficiency.


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