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Semcoglas head office in Westerstede

Drawing strength from the sun – whoever works in the new built head office from Semcoglas Holding GmbH in Westerstede, can always enjoy this feeling. The elero drives and control units enable the shading to be individually controlled from the work places, and therefore the brightness can be adjusted to everyone´s personal requirements.

Light and warmth in balance

The office space is always bathed in light by the almost one hundred percent glass facade on the south-west elevation, full-height windows on the north-east side and glazed partition walls. Insulated Semco climatic glazing was installed to prevent the building from being unnecessarily heated up when the temperature was above zero. Glare protection with simultaneous transparency is provided by the internally integrated segmental shading from Helioswerke. It is automated and can be individually operated at the press of a button. Technology from elero has been implemented for this accordingly: The SunTop-868 drive and the VarioTel 2 hand-held transmitter. This enables the natural daylight to be precisely regulated, rather than consuming energy for artificial lighting.

Open, bright, user-friendly and energy efficient – the new Semcoglas head office combines all these advantages in contemporary architecture. The rooms and office space are optimally illuminated by natural sunlight around the clock, whereby a comfortable climate is ensured throughout the whole year. The ideal prerequisite is hereby fulfilled by the functional thermal glazing Semco Klimastar, which was installed on an area of 236 m². The differently coated windows on the south-west and north-east elevations collect a lot of sun energy during the cold Winter months, and reflect the heat during the Summer months.

The temperature controlling is supported by a controlled ventilation system with a cross-flow heat exchanger. This supplies the rooms with warm or cool fresh air as required. In addition, sensors register the temperature and brightness and send their readings to a central control, for whether the ceiling heating elements or the lighting have to be activated. This is only the case for very cold, or very dark days.

Internally integrated segmental shading from Helioswerke was selected for the sun protection. This only protects the part of the window which allows the light penetration to cause glare on the eyes. The light-permeable material ensures the brightness and a good view. The building automation from elero enables the shading to be comfortably controlled at the press of a button. The light penetration can therefore be finely metered without too much effort. The sun protection is motorised with the tubular motor SunTop-868 with the dimension M. Its noise-free soft brake protects the blinds with a soft stop without irritating noises. This benefit is particularly valuable in the internal spaces such as the offices: none of those inside will be disturbed at work by irritating noises.

The sun protection is controlled with the 5-channel hand-held radio transmitter VarioTel 2 from elero. The frequency of 868 MHz and the bidirectional, radio system ProLine 2 with routing function ensure a secure transmission and implementation of all transmitted signals. Whether the command has been implemented will be visualised by the illumination of the LED lamp on the hand-held transmitter. All receivers are simultaneously transmitters in the bidirectional radio system and jointly convey the signal onwards until it reaches its target drive, and thereby the desired blind. Up to five separate channels and one central channel can be programmed on each hand-held transmitter.

All in all, the perfect combination of functional insulation glazing, shading and automation make the new building not only representative for today´s technology, but also environmentally and user-friendly. The daylight has a positive effect on the health and performance of the employees. At the same time the office space is always at a comfortable temperature, well ventilated and glare-free.

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Building owner: Semcoglas Holding GmbH, Westerstede
Draft planning: Architekten mbH, Angelis & Partner, Oldenburg
Detailed design: büscher architektur, Oldenburg
Construction: Richard Steckel GmbH, Westerstede
Sun protection technology: elero GmbH, Beuren
Segmental shading: Helioswerke GmbH & Co. KG, Hedem


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