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RolMotion roller shutter drives

Construction clients, tenants and architects are increasingly focusing on roller shutters running particularly quietly. elero, the drive and control manufacturer based in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, has reacted to this with the development of its new product series RolMotion in the Silent Motion series. On the basis of proven roller shutter drives it has been possible to further optimise the running characteristics so that these now operate even more quietly. Suited above all for use in single-family homes and larger residential complexes, RolMotion drives are convincing thanks to their extremely quiet operation.

Quiet operation sets new standard

There are two different versions of the new product series: in the standard mode roller shutters are moved with the customary running speed. The whisper mode is intended for times of the day and situations which require particularly quiet operation and is always used with automated commands. Furthermore, silent operation can also be quite simply activated manually – depending upon the technology used – either by pressing the UP or DOWN button on the hand-held transmitter for a longer period or double-clicking on a standard wall-mounted device. “Many users wish to avoid waking other members of the family early on a morning, and so they would like roller shutters that can be opened and closed extremely quietly,” explains Dr. Matthias Henschel, the head of development at elero.  

“We are currently the first manufacturer worldwide to offer this quiet technology in a wired or wireless form,” underlines elero managing director Enzo Viola. “Thus we are setting a new standard for roller shutter automation.” It will soon be possible to integrate the wireless version into the flexible building automation solution Centero Home. This ensures even more user-friendly and comfortable daily use in the home. This is also assisted by the standard mode, which is always used if speed is of the essence, for example when opening a patio door or an individual window to air a room early in the morning. “Thanks to the reduced torque in the upper and lower positions and the silent electromagnetic brake, the standard mode is already very quiet,” explains Viola.

The new product series utilises proven elero drive technology, whereby in the development work the focus has been placed on the further development of drive activation above all. Just like the tried-and-tested RolTop series, Silent Motion drives are equipped with features such as obstacle and blockage recognition, as well as Soft Start and Soft Stop. This means that the drives are reliable and have a long service life while protecting roller shutters. The installation and adjustment of the RolMotion drives is, as ever, simple and swift. It is even easier with the Plug + Play models in the drive series. 

“The new RolMotion drive series has met my expectations in full. The new series is quiet, energy-saving and durable – it is precisely these characteristics which are in demand from construction clients and modernisers,” explains Martina Morgenstern from Rolladenbau Morgenstern GmbH & Co. KG, Wilhelmshaven, at the presentation of the new drive. “I am certain that we can impress with RolMotion, there is a market for these products.” 

 So as to support sales measures, elero is providing documents for consultations with customers and promotional material for the showroom.


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