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Quiet as a whisper: RolMotion sets new standard in roller shutter automation

Just as the children have fallen asleep again, the roller shutters open automatically – inaudibly, on the entire floor. Whether in offices, hospitals, hotels or conference rooms, the sudden rattling of shutters is often perceived as annoying. The drive and control manufacturer elero from Baden-Württemberg provides a remedy: With the RolMotion product range, the innovative company has developed a drive for roller shutters with ultra-quiet operation.


elero ensures greater living comfort with ultra-quiet running roller shutters

"The drive series impresses with a whisper mode that moves roller shutters ultra-quietly using a slow running mode. Especially in single-family and multi-family homes and on public-sector properties, which often operate with automatic timers, this is convenient for users and increases living comfort," says Managing Director Enzo Viola.

Like rustling leaves
The drive has two different application variants. In standard mode, roller shutters are moved at the usual running speed. For times of day and situations where ultra-quiet running is advantageous, there is the whisper mode. In this slow running mode, the opening and closing of the blinds is barely audible: Instead of the already quiet 45 decibels in standard mode, RolMotion produces just 35 decibels in slow running mode – comparable to the sound of rustling leaves. Whisper mode is always activated in the wireless version in automatic mode, but can also be switched on manually simply by pressing a button. Even in standard operation, the profiles are gently laid down before the end position is reached – this protects the roller shutter and ensures ultra-quiet opening and closing. 

Wireless or wired
The product range is available as a wired solution or with wireless technology. In addition to the optimised running behaviour, RolMotion's proven elero drive technology is a winning feature. Like the RolTop series, RolMotion has obstacle and blockage detection as well as soft-start and soft-stop. As a result, the drives are long-lasting and reliable, while the roller shutters are protected. This is emphasised by elero's 7-year materials warranty for RolMotion.
As usual, the drives can be installed and adjusted quickly and easily. It is even less complicated with the D+ variant with Plug + Play. With the wired solution, it is possible to select whether the whisper mode is activated by pressing a button or by double-clicking. This enables optimal use in automatic mode. The wireless version can also be integrated into the flexible Centero Home home automation solution from elero.

New "EnOcean" variant
An "EnOcean" variant has also recently been launched on the market. Thanks to the use of the very common wireless standard, RolMotion EnOcean can be integrated into a wide range of applications in building automation and smart homes. The drive can be controlled by battery-free and wireless transmitters, switches or sensors that draw their energy from motion, temperature or light. Since the control is thus independent of electricity or batteries, it requires less maintenance and is very flexible. For the intelligent roller shutter drive, elero has already been nominated for the R+T Innovation Award, which will be presented at R+T digital on 22 February.   

Further information about the innovative drive system is available from elero at www.elero.de/silentmotion. Experts can also find out more about the numerous features and possible applications of RolMotion at the R+T digital trade fair from 22 to 25 February. There, elero will also be showcasing numerous practical solutions for different applications and providing insight into the latest trends in the functional automation of privacy and sun protection.


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