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The new MultiTec Touch-868 wall transmitter allows building technology to be operated by touch screen.

New multi-channel wall transmitter

Elegant on the outside and high-tech on the inside – elero presents the new multi-channel wall-Transmitter MultiTecTouch-868. It allows for the simple and intuitive operation of your building technology via a high-quality touch screen.

An all-rounder to control building technology

Control lighting conditions at the touch of a button, keep rooms cool in the summer and store heat in the winter – in these times of change for the energy sector, no one wants rolling shutters or sun protection systems without these advantages. However, users do not want to spend every single hour of the day thinking about how best to control such equipment. Systems that move shutters conveniently or with full automation are dominating the market. elero is leading the way with its cutting-edge controls and smart home solutions. One brand new products is the MultiTecTouch-868 multi-function wall transmitter, which operates building technology via a modern touch panel.

Huge variety of modern drives

The advantages of sight screens and sun protection systems are best demonstrated when they are operated intelligently and when demand is high. Dealers and specialists benefit from relevant solutions and knowledge when requesting advice, assembly, installation, start-up and maintenance. This is why elero offers an extensive range of modern controls and provides the necessary specialist knowledge.

Convincing and innovative technology

The product range comprises numerous wall and manual transmitters that send signals to the drive by radio or leads. They can be automated via integrated timers with Astro function or sensors and be operated simultaneously at the push of a button. The smart home solution Centero, which can be controlled via smartphone and tablet, also boasts state-of-the-art technology. All radio transmitters communicate data by default on the interference-free frequency of 868 MHz and via the ProLine 2 bidirectional radio system with routing function. The signal is sent continuously until it reaches the right receiver, which in turn sends feedback to the transmitter that the command has been executed.

Stay up-to-date with the MultiTec Touch-868

The MultiTec Touch-868 multi-channel wall transmitter, which operates building technology via a high-quality touch screen, is a newcomer to the product range. An electrician connects the control to the power supply and mounts it on the wall. The display lights up immediately, allowing the radio receivers to be programmed to the 20 channels as usual. The function settings are entered via a menu with a text display, which offers many other advantages that simplify the process. The control module has a touch screen with a simple interface, lending itself to intuitive operation. One touch of the display is sufficient to trigger a reaction from the sight screens, sun protection elements, lights and heat lamps. The programmed devices can also be adjusted in individually configured groups or all at the same time. The integrated timer makes many other functions possible, such as controls driven by astronomical sunrise and sunset times or random programming. Feedback is provided in the form of display icons by means of a bidirectional radio signal.


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