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New intelligence for homes

The Centero smart home solution allows users to control roller shutters, sun protection elements and even lights and radiant heaters from a mobile device or fully automatically. Even more functions can now be added to increase burglary protection and avoid water damage.

Smart home solutions from elero

More and more people are looking for smart assistants that will make their daily life easier and safer. Smart home control systems should offer a range of new features, but also be easy to use. elero meets these requirements with the Centero home control system.

With Centero, the home system can be conveniently controlled from a smartphone or tablet, whether the user is at home or on the move. During set-up, the devices are programmed using the transmitter flash drive. It is inserted into the server and connected to a router. Users now only require the Centero app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. A Windows version will be available soon. Programmed devices appear automatically in the app. They can be renamed, grouped or assigned icons. Customised or automatic processes can also be retrieved. The app can be used with and without an Internet connection.

In addition to blinds, lights and radiant heaters, Eldat security components can now be integrated into the Centero. These applications include the RTS16 window contact. It uses sensors to monitor windows, doors and gates. It immediately notices when they are opened or closed. Another option is the RTS40 radio motion detector, which senses the presence of people in indoor areas when activated. The SH01 humidity sensor is yet another component. It cyclically measures the relative humidity in the room. All these functions can be quickly and easily integrated into the Centero using the Easywave RX09 USB flash drive.

The MultiTec Touch-868 multichannel transmitter is elero's modern solution for walls. Privacy screens and sun protection systems as well as radiant heaters can be operated intuitively using the elegant touchscreen, which features a user-friendly user interface. Additional 230-volt loads such as lamps can be integrated via the Unio-868 radio switch socket. Further options include automatic processes, motion via random program and convenient group or master controls. 20 channels can be programmed once the MultiTec Touch-868 is connected to the power supply. Plain text instructions guide the user reliably from one step to the next.

All elero radio transmitters communicate by default at a frequency of 868 MHz via the ProLine 2 bidirectional radio system. Thanks to the routing function, signals are always transmitted securely, and the response message informs the user that the command was properly executed.


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