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SunTop/Z drive and ist modern controls move zip screens with the sensitivity they require.

New drive for zip screens

Enjoy the daily sunlight at home with newest technology: elero presents the new Zip Screen drive SunTop/Z.

Smart technology makes for a bright outlook

According to the German Weather Service, the sun shone for 628 hours last summer. But the "lovely weather" has a dark side: Inside, the heat builds up quickly, especially behind those large glass facades that are the hallmark of modern architecture. The demand for outdoor sun protection systems that effectively reduce heat exposure increases every year. At best, these systems are motorised and can be controlled conveniently, or they adapt to the current light conditions on their own. elero offers its specialist partners the right drive with the appropriate control for almost every customer requirement. Along with rolling shutters and Roman shades, textile screens are currently becoming more popular in this segment. elero has therefore developed the new SunTop/Z drive especially for zip screens.

Modern automated solutions

In times of rising energy prices, growing environmental awareness and architecture relying ever more heavily on glass, interest in outdoor sun protection systems is increasing. Textile screens with their practical advantages and attractive appearance are currently the trend. They reduce heat exposure in a highly efficient manner. At the same time, they let plenty of bright light into rooms and offer views outside at any time. These strengths are best tapped with drives and automated solutions. The new SunTop/Z-drive for zip screens and its modern controls show that elerois constantly in touch with the latest developments.

Advantages of the SunTop/Z

The round head of the drive allows the screen to overlap with it and thus move into the side rails. The SunTop/Z with its downward blind protection function direction stops particularly quickly when it encounters an obstacle in order to protect the cloth. After it stops, the drive returns a short distance up the blind and tries again. If it encounters another obstacle, the drive returns to the upper end position and waits for a new motion command. When moving upwards, it shuts off relatively abruptly, guaranteeing safe opening even if there are heavy winds. As with all RevoLine drives for rolling shutters and awnings, the end limits of the SunTop/Z can usually be programmed easily by running through the positions once. Depending on whether a drive is chosen with or without the integrated radio receiver, this can be done with the radio transmitter or with an installation lead. The upper and lower end limits can be adjusted freely or on limit stop. After the first full motion cycle, directions are assigned and the shutter protection is activated.

Always one step ahead

The SunTop/Z can be controlled as needed either via a wired connection or by radio. In the latter version, data is communicated by default via the ProLine 2 bidirectional radio system, which provides security and feedback when the transmitted signals are processed. The smart home solution Centero, for example, which can be controlled via smartphone and tablet, boasts state-of-the-art technology. Another brand new feature is the MultiTec Touch-868 central control panel, which operates building technology via a touch screen.


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