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Harvesting the sun´s force

The name of the housing estate in St. Erhard, Luzern says it all - Silence - the residents in the old vineyard have complete peace and quiet. Light and wind sensors from elero register the current weather situation and activate the drives accordingly.

Housing Estate, Silence in Luzern

Wide glass frontage opens up the view to the countryside. The view towards the south stretches to the Mauensee and Sempachersee and on to the northern alpine peaks. A total of 38 units in four apartment buildings have profited from the idyllic location. The comfortable, at home feeling extends to the inside of the building. The climate and daylight are always comfortable with low energy consumption. This has been regulated with an automation solution from elero. Meimo AG, the Swiss representative from elero, was able to provide a suitable solution in this case and implement it effectively. The project from Dietrich Schwarz Architekten AG completely fulfils the passive house standard.

Light and wind sensors from elero register the current weather situation and activate the drives accordingly. The internal sides of the total of 38 loggias are each equipped with a Lumo light sensor. In connection with a timer, the AstroTec-868 sends a signal to the drives which then move the vertical awnings made of fabric material, according to the daylight conditions. The awnings lower automatically with direct sunshine radiation. If it is very cloudy, then they raise. A defined threshold value can hereby be simply set in the display of the timer. In order to protect the loggias against additional overheating, thermostats measure the temperature in the internal area. If the rooms are comfortably warm, then the awnings move upwards unless direct sunshine would heat the rooms up again. In all other cases the blinds remain up, so that the best possible ventilation is ensured.

Two respective Aero-868 Plus sensors on every residential building allow the awnings to additionally raise up with strong build ups of wind, once the preprogrammed limiting value has been reached, and therefore protect them against damage. In principal, the Aero-868 registers the true wind and light intensity and thereby controls the blinds accordingly. In this case, the function was assumed by Lumo in combination with AstroTec, which combines well with the wire-connected thermostat that was also implemented.

An additional operation of the awning with a hand-held transmitter is also possible, without affecting the automatic control technology. The residential buildings with corner loggias were equipped with VarioTel 2-control units from elero. These are equipped with a total of five channels so that multiple awnings can be controlled individually with the hand-held transmitter. Building units with expansive loggias, which are protected by one single awning, are equipped with the 1-channel hand-held transmitter LumeroTel 2. Both communicate on the secure frequency of 868 MHz. The bidirectional radio system ProLine 2 with routing function provides additional security and feedback notification via the implementation of all transmitted signals, by utilising an illumination of an LED lamp on the hand-held transmitter.

The intelligent sun protection system corresponds with the whole building concept, which concentrates on the highest standards for energy efficiency, security and comfort. Fundamentally, only modern fire, sound and ventilation systems are installed. The envelope of the building and the heat pump fulfil the strict requirements of the Minergie-P-Eco-Standards, the Swiss counterpart to the German passive house. In conjunction with the elero automation solutions, the triple insulation glazed windows and additional solar storage glazing on the south side ensure a logical utilisation of the solar energy. The result is that the Silence housing estate expertly protects the environment and ensures that the operating costs are kept to a minimum.

Photos: Jürg Zimmermann

Information box:
Building owner: Immobilienfonds Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund PropertyPlus
Main Contractor: Schöb AG, Gams
Architecture: Dietrich Schwarz, Dietrich Schwarz Architekten AG, Zürich
Sun protection technology: elero GmbH / Meimo AG, Geroldswil
Vertical awnings: Egli Storen AG, Beromünster


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