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Drives and controls for intelligent building technology

It is easy to find the suitable product in our product catalogue

elero product catalogue 2015

Always the right solution for your building automation at a glance with the new elero product catalogue. In addition, many interesting facts about the current drives and controls of elero are available.

Building owners want as much comfort as possible in their home. Therefore, the drive and control technology for the convenient operation of roller shutters, venetian blinds, doors etcetera is becoming increasingly popular. There is tremendous potential here for specialist craftsmen, because private owners often consult a professional for selection and initial operation. Nowadays, specialist companies have access to a large selection of solutions. Elero therefore offers its specialized partners the new product catalogue 2015, where all information about the manufacturer’s developments can be found easily and quickly.

The right solution at a glance

On the more than 300 pages, the entire range of elero products is shown in a clear manner. For example, the coloured structure in the groups "Drives”, “Control units and sensors”, “Door drives and control units” and “Technical and general information” ensures good orientation. “Our customers therefore have direct access to all relevant information. And even professionals can extend their knowledge when reading the catalogue“, Sales Manager Raimund Wurster explains. The suitable solution for almost any requirements and installation situations can be quickly found using the reference book. And furthermore, craftsmen and salesmen alike can easily gain an overview of the most recent developments in home automation. In the new catalogue, the accessories are listed directly with the respective product line and size.

“This structure is even more strongly aligned to customer requirements“, Raimund Wurster explains.

The introductory image pages and the compact overviews right at the front are also completely new. In the latter, all technical features of the drives and control units are listed in table form. This enables any questions that may arise during product selection to be answered even faster, such as: How is the end position programming done for which drive? The respective features and data for the individual product are then rapidly found. Technical details can be quickly located by means of clearly organised tables with the respective data and dimensions as well as graphs in a scale of 1:1.
Specialist craftsmen can order the catalogue directly from elero. Alternatively, you can also download our product catalogue here.

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