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elero certified to new ISO 9001:2015

elero now fulfils Revision 2015 of the international quality management norm DIN ISO 9001 – two years before the expiry of the transitional period. The manufacturer has once again set a good example, with certification to the latest standards since June 2016. Thus it has demonstrated that its customers receive products and services to the newest and highest quality standards applicable worldwide.

One step ahead when it comes to quality management

“As we are continually improving all quality-relevant corporate divisions, the prerequisites for certification to DIN ISO 9001:2015 were already fulfilled. In this respect existing processes have only changed to a very minor degree,” explains elero’s senior quality manager, Martin Schweizer, who adds: “But the focus is increasingly on the overall context, as well as the definition and documentation of flows. In line with the revision we give greater consideration to opportunities and risks in the processes. The latter have to be identified, analysed and benchmarked so as to counter these with suitable measures where necessary. With the aid of a new system we are also able to identify and successfully utilise the resulting opportunities even more quickly.” 

Thanks to annual customer satisfaction surveys in conjunction with close personal contacts to its clientele, the manufacturer is acutely aware of the areas in which it is already excellently positioned and where there may be potential for improvement. If there are critical areas, effective measures are defined and implemented. The high product quality is ensured by the manufacturer in all production stages. In this respect external partners such as suppliers and service providers are closely involved in the processes and have to deliver a satisfactory solution.

By increasingly implementing lean management in all areas elero ensures that processes take place in a controlled manner and can be constantly analysed and optimised. In addition, all waste is avoided. The employees in different divisions regularly communicate with one another. Thanks to the lean principles elero can react quickly and flexibly to fluctuations in demand. The manufacturer now has confirmation in black and white: it is doing everything in its power to provide customers with high-quality products, optimum services and delivery reliability.


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