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Elero and Prozon design Mercedes-Benz ASV showroom

Elero drives and the elero Centero automation solution, which control the top-quality Prozon screens, ensure ideal light incidence and a pleasant room climate at the Mercedes-Benz ASV showroom in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Glass facades are in demand, because they have an open and puristic appearance. To make sure the room climate stays pleasant and the requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV are met, planners should provide for effective sun protection. It is best to control this in an intelligent manner, so that the ideal light incidence is given round the clock and energy is also saved. The design of the new Mercedes-Benz ASV Showroom in Eindhoven, Netherlands shows just how ingenious modern shading systems can be. Eleven high-quality textile screens form the Dutch sun protection expert Prozon were combined with an intelligent automation solution from elero for the 250 m² of window surface.

Air-conditioning for the building via sun protection

A total of 250 m² of glass enhances the facade of the 2000 m² of Mercedes-Benz ASV Showroom in Eindhoven. Such a large area demands the regulation of the air-conditioning for the building by means of suitable sun protection. Because without the appropriate blinds, the rooms would heat up tremendously in summer due to the direct solar radiation. Today, the EnEV (German Energy Saving Ordinance), last amended in May 2014, states limit values for room temperatures, which are to be achieved solely by means of structural measures such as suitable sun protection, without additional air conditioning systems. It is a good thing that there are corresponding efficient solutions that reduce solar radiation, thus ensuring less energy consumption for cooling the rooms. For this purpose, state-of-the-art technology and top-quality sun protection systems perfectly unite in the new Mercedes-Benz ASV Gallery. When walking in, visitors immediately notice the pleasant room climate and the ideal direction of the light, which takes place completely without disturbing noise.

The radio system ProLine 2 for comfortably operation

The eleven – partly nine metre high – screens from Prozon are equipped with elero drives. This motorising enables the blinds to be quietly but quickly moved up and down or to programmable intermediate positions with a soft stop function. The drives communicate entirely without physical networking via the bidirectional radio system ProLine 2 and can be operated via smartphone by the employees by means of the Centero from elero. For this automation solution, the sun protection and other devices are programmed in a stick, which is connected to the Centero server, which in turn is connected to the WLAN router. Finally, the free iOS or Android app is downloaded. And from then on, the users can control sun protection etcetera via smartphone or tablet. In doing so, they benefit from numerous additional features. For example, whole scenarios can be programmed, which can then be manually activated by briefly touching the screen or by a timer. This intelligent symbiosis of elero technology and Prozon sun protection proves that large window areas do not necessarily stand in conflict with good building insulation. On the contrary, contemporary glass architecture such as the Mercedes-Benz ASV Showroom are always advantageously illuminated in a clever way and pleasantly air conditioned by this solution.

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