elero GmbH Antriebstechnik

Linsenhofer Str. 65
72660 Beuren

Phone: +49 7025 13-01
Fax: +49 7025 13-212
E-Mail: info@elero.de

Manuals App

Download the elero manuals app

With elero's manual app, you can conveniently and reliably connect your elero user manual to your smartphone or tablet - whether at home or on the road. After downloading the manuals PDF-Files (approx. 150 MB) you can access the instructions at any time, anywhere, even without an Internet connection (with an installed PDF viewer on the device), so you can be sure that you can access it if necessary!        

Available for IOS and Android in 5 languages
(english as default, german, french, spanish and italian),
even adjustable in the app.

With just a few clicks, the right manual for the elero products at hand