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Safety & Protection

Get more safety and protection
for yourself and your home

Automatic privacy and sun protection solutions not only ensure more comfort in everyday life. They also provide more safety. For example, control systems with the astro function ensure that your roller shutters close precisely at sunset times. And if you happen to not be at home, control systems with a holiday function deter potential burglars by varying the movement times of roller shutters or screens to make it look like you're at home.

AstroTec-868 - The integrated timer with Astro function enables the efficient opening and closing of the blinds according to sunrise and sunset times.

Effective protection from burglars

Control systems with a time function ensure that your roller shutters close reliably in the evening. For prolonged absences, simply activate your elero control system's integrated holiday programme. The roller shutters on the house now open and close with a short time deviation – making your home appear inhabited and warding off any potential burglars. And if a burglar should try to break in anyway, elero drives with fixed shaft connectors make it significantly harder to push up the roller shutter.

Lumo-868 - You can optimally control your roller shutter on the basis of the light values with the battery-operated light, twilight and glass breakage sensor. In addition it protects your home in the event of glass breakage. Manual operation using buttons is also possible.

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