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Standard Motor Interface drives - or SMI for short - are modified DMI drives that have been specially developed for connection to bus controls. Special features:

  • standardised data protocols
  • precise approach of defined positions
  • a possible subaddress
  • an independent topology

An SMI actuator is required for actuation via a bus system.

SMI - The motor interface for roller shutters and sun protection systems with maximum convenience

Building technology is increasingly becoming more intelligent and customer demands are growing, necessitating new drive and control concepts for shutters and blinds. To cater for this development, elero has developed a digital interface along with reputable manufacturers in the industry called "SMI" (Standard Motor Interface). This enables up to 16 electronic drives to be connected in parallel via an EIB actuator. EIB stands for European Installation Bus. In addition, SMI drives by elero offer additional functions that are not possible using conventional drives. These include, for instance, commands for precise approach of intermediate positions or sensing of current position. The drives are maximum-precision and will report the operating status to the actuator or to a PC connected for service purposes.

Installing SMI drives is simple as they were developed using the Plug & Play concept. To make matters even more simple for our customers, elero can offer support for project planning and initial start-up in the form of service packages.

Benefits of SMI drives

SMI is more than just an interface

The SMI specification defines exchange of information between a motor control unit and roller shutter or sunblind drive. Exchange of information is uniquely controlled via frames. The SMI standard has numerous advantages for manufacturers of drives and control units. Perfect working order can be relied upon even where the contrary part is not supplied by the same manufacturer. SMI drives and SMI controls come with premium-quality features and offer attractive benefits for customers.

Effective collaboration in the SMI Standard Motor Interface e.V.

A growing number of companies are joining together to support the process of standardisation as a communal goal. These companies have come together to form the SMI Standard Motor Interface e.V. Aspects of marketing and technology are dealt with in working groups.

Increasing digitalisation of roller shutter and sunblind systems

An increase in digitalisation is looming when it comes to the actuation of roller shutter and sunblind systems. Besides actuation of electrical drives via switch contacts, a tried-and-tested concept for several decades now, an alternative digital motor interface is now available with the STANDARD MOTOR INTERFACE. Commands that are encoded via frames are transferred digitally to the drive. Like with saving music on CDs, however, essential quality benefits and long-term cost benefits can also be achieved with a digitally controlled drive.

For further information about SMI drives, visit www.smi-group.com.