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With these videos we would like to bring elero even closer to you: 

In the image and novelty videos, we show the latest news and innovations from the elero world. With the operation videos, we explain the technology that is in our products in a comprehensible way. And in the tutorial videos, you will receive step-by-step instructions for easy programming of elero drives and controls.

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Image and novelty videos

Sun Shading Solutions

Investments for the future.
Interview with CEO Enzo Viola.

Silent Motion

The super-quiet motion drives
from elero

elero image video

Learn more about companies,
applications and the benefits of
automated privacy and sun protection.


Interview with elero development manager Dr. Matthias Henschel.



The innovative solar drive!


Operation videos

Free of brake noise!

elero has been installing the hysteresis
brake for more than 90 percent
of its drives for roller shutters,
blinds and textile sun protections
for years. This stops the movement
of the curtain completely silently.

Bidirectional Routing

ProLine 2, the bidirectional radio control
system from elero. At the heart of the
technology (868 MHz) are
bidirectional transceivers which
not only receive signals but can
also confirm and transmit these.

Tutorial videos

RolTop - Tubular motor for roller shutters

RevoLine roller shutter drives
from elero operate the shutters
smoothly and with a high degree
of precision. This tutorial video
contains information about
setting the end positions as well as 
programming the hand-held transmitter.

SunTop - Tubular motor for awnings

In this tutorial video,
we explain step by step
the complete procedure
for setting the end positions
and programming the
hand-held transmitter.


JA Comfort /-868 withCOM hand-held transmitter

In this tutorial video, 
we explain step by step 
the entire procedure
for setting the end positions
and programming using our
COM hand-held transmitters.

RolSolar - Mounting video

This video explains in detail 
how to optimally install 
the solar panel
for our RolSolar drives.



JA Comfort /-868with setting cable

In this tutorial video,
we explain step by step
the entire procedure for
setting the end positions
and programming using the
elero setting cable.