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Operation videos

Free of brake noise!Functioning

Specially quiet, long-lasting and prices

When motorized visibility and sun protection elements reach their intermediate or final position, there is often a loud clicking - to the suffering of the users. To avoid this, elero has been installing the hysteresis brake for more than 90 percent of its drives for roller shutters, blinds and textile sun protections for years. This stops the movement of the curtain completely silently.

Bidirectional RoutingProLine 2

Roller shutters, awnings, roller blinds and Venetian blinds may be controlled more reliably, more capably and in a more transparent manner with ProLine 2, the bidirectional radio control system from elero. At the heart of the technology (868 MHz) are bidirectional transceivers which not only receive signals but can also confirm and transmit these. In addition, radio commands are forwarded to radio receivers which otherwise might be out of range (routing functionality). Another decisive advantage over other radio control systems is the fact that the user can directly see the status of signal processing on the hand-held transmitter. As soon as a command has been performed, it receives a feedback signal and thus always knows what’s happening.

Tutorial videos

The drives and controls from elero combine fast installation with easy commissioning. Optimally matched accessories such as latching couplings, pluggable cables and motor bearings with click system additionally facilitate the installation. Just how simple it can be to program the end positions, the programming of the hand-held transmitter, and how the commissioning of the Centero System functions are shown in the following videos.

Antriebe und Steuerungen von elero sind einfach zu installieren und in Betrieb zu nehmen. Optimal abgestimmtes Zubehör wie etwa rastbare Kupplungen, steckbare Kabel und Motorlager mit Klick-System erleichtern die Montage zusätzlich. Wie einfach das Einlernen der Endlagen, die Programmierung der Handsender und die Inbetriebnahme des Centero-Systems (1. Generation) funktioniert, zeigen die folgenden Videos.

RolTop - Tubular motor for roller shuttersEnd position setting and transmitter programming

Smooth power for roller shutters

RevoLine roller shutter drives from elero operate the shutters smoothly and with a high degree of precision. The RolTop drives also have an integrated slow-down feature ensuring a smooth travel to the limit stops. This protects the roller shutters and reduces noise significantly.

This commissioning video contains information about setting the end positions as well as programming the hand-held transmitter.

SunTop - Tubular motor for awningsEnd position setting and transmitter programming

Clever technology which impresses

elero awning drives SunTop can be used for open and closed cassette awnings, conservatory awnings, as well as for a wide variety of applications. The intelligent drives automatically adjust themselves to changing ambient conditions. They gently tauten the fabric. Thanks to their learning power curve, an optimum fabric tension is always guaranteed.

In this commissioning video we will explain for you, step by step, the complete procedure for setting the end positions and programming the hand-held transmitter.

Centero (1st generation)Setup and programming

Building automation in just a few easy steps with a smartphone or tablet

These commissioning videos clearly explain the fundamental steps from programming the transmitter sticks up to, and including, installing the Centero System (1st generation).

Information about the current Centero Home Home automation solution can be found here.